Friday, September 23, 2005

An Alternative Account of the Incident from Neighbor

Dear All,

A lot of you might be shocked to hear his, but I'm a next door neighbour of the students who are accused of having committed the "hate crime".

Although I understand the agony caused by media over this incident, I can assure everyone that this case has been _altered_ and THEN amplified (in the wrong intentions) before being published to the public in the Michigan Daily.

Co-incidentally, my roommate is a witness to this "crime", and agrees to the fact that the story has been GREATLY sensationalized and exaggerated by the Michigan Daily reporters to gain additional attention!

As a second witness (25 minutes late), I can guarantee that there were no "eggs" thrown at the Asian students as no egg shells could be seen at the scene of the "crime". Also, I can guarantee that there was NO racially discriminatory intent OR 'urination' involved in the entire case.

The Asian student involved was extremely aggravated that splashes of a discarded beer cup came in contact with his garments and so he called his colleagues to the scene. It was then that the Asian students initiated a verbal, racial battle with my Caucasian neighbours, and threatened them [who were apologetic at first] and invited them to a physical fight. Further, the Asian students flicked a burning cigarette butt at my neighbours, 'the accused'.

Feel free to come by the apartment complex across from the parking structure... It is virtually impossible for an individual to stand on the
4.5 foot tall ledge on the patio and urinate down on the footpath. Even if a human being managed to perform that feat, it would have taken him/her enough time and visual indication to give any individual standing even close to the target, to walk [at least] 50 meters away from the intended target.

Please feel free to contact me - Kunjal (734-717-2563) or George
(734-748-4213) if you wish to get further information on this.

Thank you very much,

Best Regards,
Kunjal Raheja


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