Friday, September 23, 2005

A Friend of 'Alleged' Posts On-line

The offender? Texa$ $teve and his roommate. He never peed on anyone, they threw a beer over the edge of their balcony, and hit an Asian guy and his girlfriend.
The guy threw his cigarette at Steve, said "Fuck you", Steve said "Fuck you" and they left. Dude comes back with 4 homeboys, Steve and Andrew go out and confront them. Word swere exchanged, but no SERIOUS racial slurs. Sure "Get a green card"
and "Go fuck your mother, oh wait she's in China" but nothing SERIOUS. Steve loves the Asians, ask his 15 Asian friends. The police took Andrew down and booked him, and Steve and Andrew have to talk to a detective. I imagine it will all blow over, but of course it begs the age old adage...

"Shit like that only happens to Steven Riddel Williamson"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what this person considers a SERIOUS asian slur.
-ccheung, class of 2001

6:17 PM  

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