Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Message from the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

*spread the word*


I just want to start off by saying thank you for your time, thoughts, questions, & overall efforts in addressing the recent hate crime on campus and the effort to bring accountability to the university. I know I speak for many of our APIA community members when I say it is incredibly encouraging to see our community mobilize so quickly across undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, faculty, & off-campus community members.

In an effort to allow for community members to express their concerns and coordinate the actions of our community, an APIA town hall meeting has been called by APIA studies faculty and various community staff and student members:

Monday, September 26th at 5PM
at the Trotter Multicultural Center.
(for more info, email

We highly encourage ALL staff, students, and faculty interested in addressing the recent hate crime and the university?s response to the incident to take the time out to be present for this very important meeting. This meeting will be a great opportunity to connect with other members in our community and explore the different ways that you can be involved.

There will also be a student response group coordinated by the United Asian American Organizations, who will be meeting on FRIDAY.

Friday, September 23rd, 7pm
Tap Room, next to the food court Union

Please spread the word about these events and take the time to scroll through the rest of this email for important information about WHAT HAS ALREADY OCCURRED and WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP.


What has happened so far?

-The Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs as well as the Dean of Students is in the process of contacting the victims of this crime and will be attempting to extend any and all support. For more information, feel free to contact the Dean of Students or Steve Moon or Patricia Aqui at the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs, 763-9044.

-The APIA Studies Faculty has created a response statement/letter with regards to the hate crime incident that has been received by various administrators. (the letter is attached).

-Various graduate student and undergraduate organizations have begun to organize responses from their respective organizations. These organizations include Students of Color of Rackham (SCOR), United Asian American Organizations, APIA Caucus (graduate students), and community members in various other schools & departments.

-The Michigan Daily has written an article which can be found here:

-An online petition has also been created:

What can I do right now?
There are several things we can all do as individuals to affect change:

1) EDUCATE?Whether it is your student organization, department,
classmates, friends, or family, please spread the word about this incident and have conversations about how it has affected you. We also encourage you to look up more information on hate crimes in the APIA community (a great place to start is the murder of Vincent Chin in Detroit).

2) ORGANIZE?Organize your organizations, residence halls, friends,
and classmates around the issue. Take the time to discuss the impact of the hate crime on you and your group as well as the campus. Make sure to let those associated to your organization such as advisors, professors, staff members, and faculty know about the importance of addressing this issue and the need for action.

3) OSCR?File a complaint! The Office of Student Conflict Resolution
is a place for individuals who feel that the Statement of Student Rights & Responsibilities have been violated. ALL STUDENTS, STAFF, & FACULTY, may file a 3rd party complaint with OSCR, which will be kept on file.
Although 3rd party complaints do not hold the same weight as a 1st party complaint, it is still valuable to let the office know how this incident has affected you and your feelings about the university. It is also possible to write an email as an organization. Please refer to the OSCR website to find contact info for your email complaint as well as info about the Statement of Student Rights & Responsibilities. (Please CC so we can keep these complaints on file at the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs)

4)SPEAK?Let your voice be heard! You can do this either as an individual or as a member of a larger group. Here are a few ways to speak out!

Michigan Daily?Write a letter to the daily! It is important that the rest of the campus is fully aware of how this is affecting our students.
You can find more information about writing a letter here:

Statement or Letter?Work with others to create a statement expressing your perspective about the hate incident and stating the actions that you feel are necessary. You can give this statement (or letter) to your school, department, residence hall councils, and most importantly to the administrators such as:

~President Coleman?
~Members of the Diversity Council
~The U of M Deans?
~For a list of some other major units of the university refer to the links on this page:

5) TOWN HALL? Finally make sure to make it out to the town hall meeting!!

APIA Community Town Hall
Monday, September 26th, 5PM
Trotter Multicultural Center (Trotter House)


Steve Hosik Moon
Asian Pacific Islander American Student Affairs
Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs


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