Friday, September 23, 2005

A Message From the Roomate of 'Alleged'

Professor Stillman,

*Please forward this email to whomever would benefit from reading it.

I am writing to give you a perspective that no one else is sharing until now.
My name is Andrew Richards and am the roomate of the person being accused of urinating on a couple as they walked by. To begin, I know that my neighbors, both heavily involved in ethnic associations on campus, have been responding to the e-mails they have received with what they had seen on that night. I hope these emails become more widespread as no one, not even the police, have talked to anyone other than the two individuals who clamed they were urinated on.

On thuesday night, my roomate and I were on our balcony playing a game of beerpong. When a cup tipped over it was picked up and the liquid was tossed over the edge. At this time, a couple looked up and the male yelled "fuck you"
and threw a dunhill cigarette at us. The two went around the corner.

About an hour later, the male showed up with four of his friends. I did not see the girlfriend. They were yelling at us and telling us to come downstaitrs. We went outside and talked to them for about 30 seconds. They were getting really angry and yelling at my friend. We thought they had come for a fight and turned around and went back in our apartment, locking the door.

We went back outside and the group of people were standing there yelling at us.
At one point, the only true fact in the paper, one of them was yelling at us in what we now know was Korean. My roomate yelled "Hey, speak english", and he responded by saying "Learn to speak Korean, bitch".

Words were exchanged between one person and myself. He yelled "come down and fight me white piggy", to this my neighbor George (who is
middle-eastern) heard. I responded by saying that he wanted to get me down there, fight and get me thrown in jail when the cops showed up. He said his friend was bluffing and really wasn't calling the police. He kept trying to get me to come fight him.

I now know that the girlfriend had left and, at some point called the police.
My initial thought is that these five people showed up outside our balcony to try and create some sort of fight, not to get us in trouble.

Yes, a comment was made about speaking english because they were not and we did not understand. Nothing, at any point, was thrown. We do not even have eggs.
Our neighbors on each side were standing on their balconys watching.
Amanda, a girl on the other side, even went downstairs to try and talk the group of people.

On another note, my roomate would not come outside because we felt nothing had been done wrong. He had 4 drinks and thought that they would give him an MIP, so I suggest he stayed inside.

A few more facts:

There is literally no way to pee off our balcony. If you come to 610 south forest and take a look, the balcony has a rise that goes up to my chest (and I am 6'2). The slits in the boards are about half an inch apart.

The news is taking this and running with it. Associations are trying to make a point out of it. I understand that racism is a huge problem in the country today and fully agree with taking steps to end it. But this situation is something that is being turned into something it is not.

Andrew Richards
Umich '07


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