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Clarififying what this blog is

FOR THE RECORD: Drew Lane and Mike Clark of the "Drew and Mike Show" on WRIF 101.1FM did NOT mock the alleged victims of the hate crime, as was wrongly reported by another blog. The "me solly, me no speakee Chinee" comment was NOT made by the hosts. It was an audio "drop" taken from a television show played during a report about American relations with China. The hosts made no comments during the report of the alleged hate crime, and the only drop played during this segment was "I must go toilet." We apologize for re-posting the report with the incorrect information and will corroberate such reports in the future prior to posting.

FOR THE RECORD: This blog is not the official home of any organization or campaign. It posts views of all kinds regarding the alleged hate crime at the University of Michigan. The owners of this blog did not call for any boycott of WRIF, nor did they make any demands upon the Drew and Mike Show. The only organized call ever issued by UM students, faculty or organizations called for WRIF to release the transcript of the show in question and meet with community representatives to discuss their concerns.

FOR THE RECORD: This blog was not started and is not owned by any faculty member at the University of Michigan. Scott Kurashige asked for temporary access to the blog in order to correct erroneous information about Drew and Mike, remove a link to the blog that posted the original story, and write a letter of apology to Drew and Mike. Since the show has acknowledged receiving this letter, his reason for posting it has now expired.

For a representative list of statements by fans of the Drew and Mike show challenging the original story that we reposted from another blog and have since retracted, please see the comments.

Please see the top of this page for guidelines on further usage of this blog. Thanks to all who have participated.


Blogger stopthehate said...

The following are anonymous comments made in response to “Drew & Mike Show mocks victims of anti-Asian hate crime,” which we reposted from another blog. We also reposted this retraction by the author, which quotes the errors made in the initial story:

"CORRECTION (October 5, 2005): This article was based on the author's recollection of the September 23 Drew & Mike Show and contains inaccuracies. The author retracts the claim that Drew or Mike made the joke "Me no speak chinee-" during the reading of a news story about a hate crime in Ann Arbor. The actual wording of this audio drop was "Me solly. Me no speak-ie Chinese" and was sampled from the TV show The Simpsons. The drop was played during a story about the export of US jobs to China that ran prior to the story about the hate crime in Ann Arbor. During the hate crime story another drop was played that had a fake accent saying "I need toilet." Drew & Mike themselves made no "nonsensical mocking comments" as this article claims.

Nevertheless, the author maintains that the use of these audio drops was insensitive, that Drew & Mike did make comments (and continue to make comments) supporting the anti-immigrant vigilante organization the Minutemen, and that their coverage of the global economic position of China was not very intelligent."


This article is completly out of line.
I'm amazed that an institute of higher education,
such as U of M, would post an article that allows a
person to smear two radio host without verifing
what was actually said and/or reported. It appears
to me that the author didn't really listen to the
show or needed to fabricate information in order
to fuel his/her own aggenda.

The show in question in no way bashed Asian
Americans. Listen for yourself. The news story
directly before this was about how little American
Companies pay their employees in China. Drew,
from the show, expressed how these companies
were taking advantage of the Chinese workers and
they should have to pay to an equal scale to what
workers in this country are paid. It seems to me
the author was more upset with the Minutemen
story and needed to link the the two in order to
insight outrage.
I'm not sure why the author is so upset with the
Minutemen. Are they racist because they don't
want illegal aliens coming into this country? Is it
such a bad thing that we stop people from coming
into our country that can't do it leagally? The
Minutemen are volunteers. They are concerned
citizens that want to stop terroist and other bad
people from coming into our country, something
the Government can't seem to do.
This article was written to reach people that don't
listen to the show and don't know what was really
said. It was intended for people that can't make
their own opinions at the expense of two morning
radio show host. It's misleading and ignorant
articles such as this that keep fanning the racist
fire in our country.


I think it is VERY irresponsible for anyone to
suggest their show is racist based on what was
aired on this date, moreover I think it is REALLY
irresponsible to take actions against them by
trying to force their sponsors to drop them. You
may think it's fun to make such a noise without
really thinking things through but this could cost
these people their jobs. It's not playtime and this
is a serious accusation. I know you most likely are
college students who like to stand up for causes
but to honest this is completely stupid. I believe
you have a point with the original case that drew
and mike were reporting on but to try to drag
them in as being racist or racially insensitive is
just stupid and misguided. Once you grow up you
will find this world is a confusing and complex
place and it's people like you who throw the race
card out for every little issue that makes it worse.
Can't you see by doing this you are taking away
from cases that really do have racial crimes or
issues? It seems to me that the issue of raise is
being twisted at every whim for personal agendas
and this is really only making matters worse. If
you want to make a statement stick with saving
the trees or saving the whales.


I am a graduate from the U of M School of Social
Work. I're probably thinking "Beware of
the social worker!" Seriously though, I may not
agree with 100% of what Drew and Mike say but
they allow people to voice their opinions about
many controversial issues.
I have felt what discrimination is like first hand
and this was not discrimination. Before making
comments and taking inappropriate actions,
people must be completely sure of what they
heard and obviously this isn't the case.
In my job I see people at their best and at their
worst. The humor and discussion from your show
helps me get through my days.


You need to get YOUR act together and stop
taking material out of context!
The Minutemen stop ILLEGAL Immigrants, you fool.
If they are ILLEGAL, then we law abiding residents
DO NOT WANT THEM! Why can't they go through
the same channels that our ancenstors did to be
granted legal entry? Plus this is now a security
issue not bigotry.
Me No Speake Chinee is a drop from the
SIMPSONS, the same show that has aired nationally
for over 17 seasons. If you don't like the context,
take it up with FOX, not slam Drew and Mike.
They took no pleasure in the racist act that
occured against the Asian people, they even spoke
up about US companies exploiting Chinese factory
workers and how that behavior was disgusting.
That to me doesn't sound like hate.
So again you need to get your act together, stop
spreading lies and stop advocating terrorism, by
demeaning the Minutemen.


It's disturbing that we live in such an era of
political correctness (and "do-gooders") that one
almost cannot say anything without offending
another. The alledged incident that started this
thread (aka the UM students), if true, is nothing
less than sickening and should be dealt with by
UM faculty immediately. However, get off MY
freedom of speech. If you don't like what you hear
on the radio, turn the station, or alternatively,
create your own and spread the message you like
(naturally within the confines of the rules and regs
set-up by the FCC, and state/local governments).
If you don't like what you read in the paper, don't
buy it again. What makes your words any better
than anothers? According to recent studies, my
race and gender are the most discriminated
against in this country today, but that seems to
be ok as long as everyone else gets what they
want. I empathize with the situation, but have
you ever heard the saying "sticks and stones may
break my bones but names will never hurt me"? It
may seem ironic that a phrase from childhood is
used to make my point, but so be it - grow up. My
God, you can even get people in trouble for
looking at you in a way you don't like --- we are
bordering this country on the ridiculous. A little
thicker skin for all of us may be in order.

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