Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Life Goes On

Everything that has transpired in the past few weeks has made me realize: life goes on.

If you've been following this story, it's progressed something like this ...

Two Asian American students accused two Caucasian students of urinating on them and yelling racist remarks in the ensuing confrontation.

As the police investigated, the story broke in The Michigan Daily.

Several student organizations and faculty took action. Petitions and letters were written. Meetings were called. Campus dialogues about race and racism were established. This blog was created.

In the week following the allegation, friends of the accused sent their side of the story, defending the accused. It was beer, not urin, they said. And they apologized, tried to avoid confrontation but the Asian students persisted to push. Comments like "Learn to speak English" were exchanged, but nothing "serious."

President Mary Sue Coleman sent a letter to all students recognizing the issues of tolerance and understanding. To date, the University has taken no action beyond this letter.

The accused still stand accused. There is little information available about the progress of the investigation.

Some other media outlets have picked up the story.

The Drew and Mike radio show mentioned the story, and in their "normal" line of humor, played audio clips from TV shows like "me no speekee Chinee" which some interpret to be offensive and racist and others interpret to be funny and harmless. Initial reports of racist remarks made directly by Drew and Mike were recorded on this blog. As it turns out, Drew and Mike did not make racist remarks; they simply played their audio clips.

Drew and Mike encouraged their listeners to post comments to this blog. While some comments were well thought out, many were short, pointed attacks that were blatantly racist and homophobic.

So here we stand today. Several weeks after the allegation with no publicized progress for the investigation. Instead, we have over 2,000 signitures on the petition sent to Mary Sue Coleman, several news articles written about the incident, increased awareness and dialogue amongst students on campus, and a stack of comments that were deleted from a blog that remind me of how hurtful this society can be.

But ... life goes on. I go to class every day, eat three meals a day, rotate from the Brown Jug to charlies to Studio 4, go to bed, wake up, post on this blog occasionally ...

But the difference is, I know about everything that I've posted on this blog. I've spent countless hours thinking about why things like this happen, if I'm overly sensitive, and why some people feel like I should "go back to my country." After all, I am American, as American as you are ... and you have no more right to claim your right as an American than I do ... but why don't I ever think to ask you to "go back to your country?"

The allegations, true or not, have been a catalyst for many students to speak out about racism and discrimination in their own lives. In my time at the U, I've been called a chink, gook, chinaman, ching chong cheeky choo. I've been torn down by drunk people, sober people, people just driving by. "Funny" jokes seem less and less funny each time I hear them ...

So life goes on ... but that doesn't mean that life is the same ... nor does it mean that everything is OK ...


Blogger The D'Anne Burley Show said...

On the Issue of Race its not any better than in the 1940's.

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Those within the mainstream press get fired if they go against their owners look at Don Imus he was getting ready to talk about WTC and had covered Ok City. Now its Rosie O'Donnell whose next.

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