Monday, October 03, 2005

Michigan Public Radio Coverage

Michigan Public Radio – Jack Lessenbery Show: “The look of racial intimidation today”

Download the audio clip; Interview of Denny Chan, United Asian American Organizations, External Chair


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment on the Drew and Mike show in Detroit. The show hosts in question are not racist and in fact were stating how it was unfair for Asain workers to be taken advantage of by big corporate companies who move their factories over seas and pay the Asian workers $.47 an hour. The audio clip is from the movie "Beverly Hills Ninja" and was spoken by Chris Farley of Satuday Night Live fame.

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog on the Drew and Mike show is disturbing, however I must reserve judgement until i hear it myself. Where's the audio file? Why is the comments feature missing on the D&M post? Calling someone racist without showing the facts is dangerous, not to mention potentially racist itself. I am sure you could get the audio file if you wanted it... I could send it if someone wants it.

6:38 AM  
Blogger Meera-San said...

I find it highly interesting that you continue to remove comments or the ability to comment. Some of the dissenting views have been very thoughtful in the way they were written.

Are you sure you really want an equal forum, or are you unable to bear challenges to your declarations?

8:33 AM  
Blogger Stop the Hate said...

meera- thanks for your comment. we are trying to find a way to manage the content on this site. many of the comments have been very disrespectful and the task of sorting through all the comments was a bit overwhelming. i'm hoping that disabling anonymous posts will deter some of the hurtful remarks. we will likely be "turning on" comments for all posts again soon.

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Blogger lil587 said...

I am a longtime Chinese-American listener of the Drew and Mike show. I am extremely upset with how you have attempted to smear their reputation
based on a collection of second-hand information which you have used to perpetuate a campaign against them. None of your actions are based on
fact. Your organization failed to even investigate to see if the second-hand information was true. Yet you blindly and irresponsibly went about demanding that their advertisers drop their support of the

I actually happened to have listened to their program the day of the discussion about the alleged "U of M urination hate crime". Any statements Drew, Mike or Trudi may have made were, in fact, in criticism of the alleged offenders. They did not, at any time, mock the victims of the crime. As such, the allegations that were the basis of your boycott
campaign were totally false. Drew & Mike's comments were actually more narrowed on the fact that such deplorable behavior was displayed by
students from the University of Michigan, an institution supposedly known for it's high standards and superior character of its students and faculty. Incidentally, prior to this discussion, Drew was talking about the outsourcing of U.S. jobs to China. He actually stated that he would be ashamed to run an American company that would pay someone 41
cents to work for him.

Next time you want to launch another malicious campaign against someone, please make sure you take the time and effort to investigate the facts.
This would be the responsible thing to do. You could also use your assumptions of Drew and Mike and how "wrong" those are as a vehicle to drive your anti-oppression agenda.

As for the drops (audio clips) frequently played on the Drew and Mike morning show, if you are a regular listener to the show, you would understand the humor. I am a well educated, open-minded, Chinese-American female and I was not the least bit offended by them. As for any suggestion that my socialization into the American culture has clouded
my judgment and detached me from my Chinese culture, resulting in the desensitization to any offenses against the Asian community, I will have
you know that I in fact have been raised by my immigrant parents in a dominantly Asian-influenced household and have great respect for my culture. So for all of you that don't even listen to the show, why don't you just continue not listening and let us loyal listeners enjoy our mornings?

I have also noticed how you don't have the comments feature available on the D&M post and that many of the supportive messages for Drew and Mike aren't posted because you cite that you delete them because they have offensive, racist statements in them. I am sure that some do, but I am also sure that there are many intelligent statements containing organized thoughts sent in support for them as well. Why don't you post those?

As a representative of the more open-minded members of the Asian community, I demand that you post an apology to Drew and Mike. They
deserve as much. You are appalled when people make assumptions about Asians and discriminate against us, yet I feel that you have done the
same thing to Drew and Mike. It's just reverse discrimination. If you don't post an apology to them, you are nothing more than a hypocrite and are only continuing to perpetuate the bad image your campaign has already cast on the Asian community.

8:51 AM  

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