Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Update on Drew and Mike Show

Recent postings have raised concerns about WRIF's "Drew and Mike" Show playing the audio clip "Me sollee, me no speakee Chinee" during a discussion about US companies outsourcing jobs to China and "I must go toilet" during a discussion of the alleged urination hate crime at U of M. These concerns have been conveyed to WRIF management, which has agreed in principle to a meeting with Asian American community representatives. These community representatives now believe:

1) WRIF now has an opportunity to resolve concerns about the approriateness of these audio clips.

2) Many fans of Drew and Mike make a distinction between what the hosts say and what audio clips get played on the show. But it should be clear that posts here were critical of "Drew and Mike" (a composite media personality created by the hosts and producers of the show). Personally, Drew Lane and Mike Clark may be swell guys--only their personal friends and family would know. The "Drew and Mike" Show aired the "me no speakee Chinee" and "toilet" jokes. That is the principal concern. If Drew Lane and Mike Clark want to engage in a serious discussion of the alleged hate crime at U of M, they can now state their personal views.

3) This blog welcomes legitimate opinions about this situation from a variety of perspectives. However, a number of anonymous posters wrote violent, racist and/or homophobic comments. These are being archived and deleted. The offensive postings will be available for those wishing to use them in anti-oppression education.


Anonymous Butt Mike said...

"These community representatives now believe:"
Tell us, community representatives, what has changed about what you previously believed? Maybe you are alluding the fact that one individuals mischaracterization of D&M's broadcast led your organization to wrongfully go after WRIF and their advertisers before checking facts? Booya!
"WRIF now has an opportunity to resolve concerns about the appropriateness of these audio clips."
WTF? The fact that your organization raised a premature stink based on one listeners misinterpretation of D&M's characterization of a news story (news which appears to be in serious doubt in the first place) now allows WRIF an opportunity to resolve "community representative" concerns. Just who do you people think you are? A radio show and its community of listeners were going about their merry way, minding their own business with a collective love of toilet jokes and porn stars, and you people attack them without basis. Thanks for joining in the converstion Mr. Helper
"...it should be clear that posts here were critical of "Drew and Mike ( a composite media personality...)"...blah-blah-blah...
Critical on what basis? After listening to the clip(s) in question, there was clearly no rascist intent, So what is there to be critical of? Toilet humor? Clips that are taken from a variety of previously aired sources ("The Simpsons", Interactive Porn DVDs, White Trash recorded on "Cops")? You shut up! Now all you are is a trouble maker! Now get outta here!
"If Drew Lane and Mike Clark want to engage in a serious discussion of the alleged hate crime at U of M, they can now state their personal views."
Gee, Thanks for giving them permission "community representatives". What if they don't want to engage in a discussion of an unproven "hate crime"? You have now forced them to because of a reckless and misleading campaign of intimidation. You, you, you: thats all you care about!
"...a number of anonymous posters have wrote violent, racist and/or homophobic comments."
What the hell kind of country is this if I can only hate a man if he's white?
The offensive postings will be made available for those wishing to use them in anti-oppression education.
Nice come-back!
Drew and Mike insult and call out the stupidity of people from all groups. Their satire is equal opportunity. Stop being overly sensitive, relax, and go protest against a real enemy. Besides, I like it better when they're making fun of people who aren't me.

2:27 AM  
Blogger Meera-San said...

Perhaps you should be more mindful to look at the evidence of the charges before you spread it all over the Internet. This professor who, of all people, is supposed to be in the business of teaching students how to write, argue a point, present evidence and cite sources, cast those ideas aside when he encouraged everyone on his e-mail list to get outraged about a broadcast that neither himself nor his readers have heard! And you, a single blogger who heard from someone who heard from someone else who heard from someone else about something someone else supposedly said, has decided to take no responsibility for verifying the evidence yourself.

You have egg on your face regarding the whole incident, and you have made no attempts to truly rectify the situation. Instead, you're trying to salvage some of your credibility and continue to pile onto the radio hosts of the morning show. It is a true mark of the quality of your character that you don't encourage those who made the charges to come forward with their changed view, putting this all on the shoulders of those you accuse to resolve the problem. Might I remind you that no problem existed before a group of people started spreading a rumor with little basis in fact.

You and others who have perpetuated this charge are strangely missing this morning, after a huge campaign to destroy to radio DJs. Even your last post, which listed the original charge and the note from the professor telling his equally misinformed flock to go out and bleat and spread the unsubstantiated rumor, is strangely absent. You bear any responsibility and deserve the consequences for anything you put out on the Internet. It is again the ultimate in irresponsibility to hide that post, which, when I read it Tuesday morning, were filled with posts, albeit anonymous, that were critical of your blind dissemination of the rumor, and there was no racist or homophobic comments. The problem with the Internet is that it is accessible by anyone with access to the web. The content gets passed along to people you don't intend to see it, that may be unsympathetic to your views. Once you put yourself out there, you reap what you sew.

It seems you have yet to grasp this concept. This is evidenced by your unwritten insinuation that the racist and homophobic comments--which you conveniently omit from public view--are posts from Drew and Mike listeners and as such are indicative of the character of the radio DJs.

If you are referring to the replies to yesterday's post, I take issue with your claim that the posts on your blog yesterday were critical of the Drew and Mike show. I personally read the exact opposite. Again no one can verify your claim, as you have conveniently hidden behind your blogger features, archived the contents, and jumped on your self-righteous soapbox and declared your intention to add the responses to anti-oppression materials.

As a minority, I certainly get angry at real racist rhetoric, from both majority and minority groups. However, I am most offended by your high-handed and self-centered behavior, not to mention your desperate attempt to remain relevant in this discussion.

4:27 AM  
Blogger Stop the Hate said...

I have removed all anonymous comments from this posting in an effort to clean up the content of this blog. The intent of this forum is to facilitate dialogue about the issues raised, not to condone personal attacks on those who expressed their views.

PS this blog was not started or maintained by UM faculty.

8:58 AM  
Blogger LookingfortheTruth said...

One of the authors of this blog - StoptheHate stated in another comment thread:

"Stop the Hate said...
meera- thanks for your comment. we are trying to find a way to manage the content on this site. many of the comments have been very disrespectful and the task of sorting through all the comments was a bit overwhelming. i'm hoping that disabling anonymous posts will deter some of the hurtful remarks. we will likely be "turning on" comments for all posts again soon.

8:46 AM "

StoptheHate - you are still not being honest.

The VAST majority were well thought out and did not resort to name calling. I read most of them yesterday as well as those today. Except for a select few, that could be easily found and deleted, they clearly repeated the truth behind Mike Medow's blog that started all of this.

I firmly believe you turned off the comments in order get a handle on the situation (which has gone far out of your control) and attempt to salvage some shred of your hateful propoganda.

You have become what you despise the most.

9:08 AM  
Blogger LookingfortheTruth said...

I need to correct what i wrote above. When I wrote:
"Except for a select few, that could be easily found and deleted, they clearly repeated the truth behind Mike Medow's blog that started all of this."

The "truth" I was writing of was that Mike Medow's account was false.

How I originally wrote it looks as if I believed him.

9:15 AM  
Blogger teamphoto41 said...

We will look forward to hearing what Mr. Kurashige has to say on the show, that is, if WRIF is able to cater to the special "guidelines" he has apparently set out for them regarding his participation in a radio interview.

9:25 AM  
Blogger LookingfortheTruth said...

teamphoto41 -

So the assistant-professor that spread this has been in contact with WRIF for an interview? I'd be interesting in where you are getting your info. Does this assistant-professor have his own blog?

What were his "guidelines" for the interview?

9:37 AM  
Blogger Legal Alien Spouse said...

The minuteman project should be supported. D & M have been openly supportive of legal aliens. INS makes people who want to legally enter this country jump through hoops.

"...we don't mind you coming over, just sign the guestbook on the way in."
-Dennis Miller

11:14 AM  
Blogger Stop the Hate said...

Meera- I appreciate your perspective. Truth is, I am not in the business of blogging. I saw enough hurtful comments and more "gray area" comments that I decided it was not worth the time to sift through all of them. I deleted the original post 1. because of those comments and 2. because, admittedly, the content of the original post was not accurate. I know many people are pissed that this blog didn't "have all the facts straight" but I never intended for this to be CNN. This blog is a forum to get information published quickly. If inaccurate, I remove content as soon as I hear about it.

So, my apologies for deleting the previous posts and comments. I hope the thoughtful comments that were posted will come out in other forms in our continued dialogue.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

I'm so glad in this day and age of enlightenment to find that "Mr." Medow feels it is HIS responsibility to speak for the myriad of his fellow Michigan residents. As a well educated, professional and loyal female listener of Drew & Mike I find it outrageous that he should take it upon himself to decide for ME what is racist and in poor taste. I'm so happy to know that if I suddenly have a horribly debilitating accident and need to have a lobotomy I can count on Mr. Medow and his fellow "journalists" to make up MY mind for ME what is racist, in poor taste and generally undesirable. What a relief to know that the future of this country is in such capable hands. Being a female in a man's world I deal with sexism everyday, which in of itself is a form of bias just as hurtful as any racism. This, however, doesn't mean that I have lost my sense of humor and cannot appreciate the clever way in which Drew, Mike and everyone on the show use levity to approach heavy situations that arise in life daily. Lord help us all if we suddenly stop finding humor to see us through the difficult times in which we live. If I were to take offense to every comment heard on radio or TV I would be forced to listen to nothing but the traffic and weather reports. One of the freedoms this country was built on is freedom of speech and thought. I enjoy the fact that I am able to choose what I feel is funny or humorous for myself and you Mr. Medow and everyone else have that choice too. If you take issue with the comments made on the show then turn the station. If you truly find the content offensive then why not do the intelligent thing and contact the station and it's management to discuss your concerns in an adult and professional manner rather than jumping to conclusions and printing an article without verifying your facts first? I believe that you chose not to do this in order to enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, no matter how much controversy and upheaval it would cause others.
I hope you're happy Mr. Medow because you've accomplished your goal.
One word of advice, be careful what you start you may not get the result you desired!
I can only hope you take the responses on this site to heart and display some self control in your future writings. If not, then I can only pray you develop a sense of humor or at least the motor skills to change the station next time.
Thanks to Drew and Mike for making my hour daily commute a pleasant one! This is one listener who will faithfully support you and your sponsors regardless of what I'm told to do from small-minded, bitter, wanna be journalists and his followers.

8:38 PM  

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